We provide 'real-world' accuracy and production-level drafting solutions.

   > Contract CAD services (1099 or W-2)   

   > Architectural Drafting - production-level precision construction drawings.

   > Off-site drafting solutions

   > On-site drafting solutions (typically local WA area only)

   > Construction Drawings created for permit.

   > Permit coordination (typically local WA area only - per hour basis)

   > 3D modeling

   > As-builts - laser accurate to 1/16” over 150’.

   > Complex roof geometry - drawn for production fabrication and assembly.

   > Stair details - production cut sheets.

   > Remodels and Additions

   > Garage and Carport conversions

   > Components -  all fully dimensioned for fabrication straight from the drawing.

   > Sections and Details - drawn using actual material dimensions.

   > Material Take Offs

   > Jobsite consulting (typically local WA area only; extended travel is negotiable)

   > Sketches converted into scaled CAD-drafted production drawings.

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Our expertise is primarily in wood-framed design, but we don’t limit ourselves to just construction-related drafting.  We have created drawings for permit, production, as-built; as well as block, signal-flow, wiring diagrams, and 2D and 3D machine parts.

We bring our passion for real-world accuracy to whatever you need drawn.

We work closely with licensed architects and structural engineers so if your project requires that level of service, we will gladly refer you to those great people who we fully endorse.


Sloped Nosing - Ocean Shores, WA


Sloped Riser Stairs - Ocean Shores, WA.

Para-CAD provides an offsite drafting solution to architects, engineers, builders, framers and home owners.  Here are just a few examples how we can serve you:  

   only pay for services you use.

   no employee-related over-head expenses or issues.

   like a paralegal is to a lawyer, we want to help with your drafting work so 

    you are free to focus more on other aspects of your business.

   Save time and money and have superior results with Para-CAD.

   > Contracted exclusivity options are avalible 

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