Why para-CAD?

Why para-CAD?

You have many options when searching for great drafting services, so why choose para-CAD?  

Well, in the next few “PARA-graphs", we will explain that by using our drafting service you will be more accurate, faster, and potential design issues will be identified early contributing to your profitable bottom line.  And that’s the bottom line.


Para-CAD was created to be the same kind of knowledgable expert as a paralegal is to a lawyer.  We shoulder the drafting work load so that you are freed up to work on the more complex aspects of your business.  By us doing our part, you are able to devote more time to your current customers as well as future prospects.

There is an immediate cost benefit to using para-CAD:  

  - You only have to pay for the service you use. 

  - Our work is typically by the project so you aren’t paying for any unproductive time.  

  - You can hire us in a retainer capacity for greater access and priority turn around.

  - There are no overhead costs that are associated with hiring an employee.

  - We don’t take sick days!

Structural Engineers:

  - We can help you stay focused on the complexities of your profession by completing your drafting needs.


Figuring out the complex and sometimes confusing details of a set of plans on the jobsite is:

  - Time consuming.

  - Can lead to rushed mistakes.

  - May involve lost productivity.

All of these things are money losers.  Let Para-CAD create detailed production drawings of all of your project’s complex features.  Let us create drafting solutions for you that are money MAKERS!

We can redraw parts or all of your plans to production-level detail, providing you and your subs complete and accurate project information to increase speed and accuracy and eliminate possible jobsite errors, change orders, or call backs. 

All of your drawing products can be sent to you in PDF format so that they can be viewed and used on the jobsite by a smart phone or tablet.  The tech savy builder always has every aspect of his projects readily available to show to clients and subs, regardless of location.  This kind of project management is the new normal and Para-CAD helps makes this possible for you.

The drawing above took about 5 hours to complete.  It was started immediately after the lines were popped on the floor (slab-on-grade) to verify that the foundation matched the plans.

The roof was cut and waiting for the crew to install before they were done with the joisting.  A 4-man crew finished framing this custom home in 4-days by using this production drawing.

Home Owners:

Are you a DIY-er at heart?  Maybe you want to build a deck or shed to your exact specifications.  Some of those projects will require a building permit and some will not. 

Either way, Para-CAD can create very clear and thoroughly dimensioned drawings that will guide you to success.

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