Why Blog...and about what?

Why Blog...and about what?

I attended a great social media class given by Mr. Jeff Hora.  

He is the driving force behind and is a great resource for all things digital.

Image and link used with permission from owner - Jeff Hora

Part of what he said that stuck with me was how people are looking for connections and value.  No one really wants to be “sold” to.  We check reviews on Amazon or Yelp and we like to get to know a bit about who we find interesting.  It was his revelation that providing a USEFUL blog for people can be a great way for people to get to know a bit about who I am and what I stand for.  Therefore, I blog for you.

So with the guiding premise of providing value to all my soon-to-be friends online, I decided to share my thoughts and experience in structural wood framing and CAD-related design.  On occaision, I’ll be posting links to things I find interesting that are related to design and construction.  However mostly I will try to get the information out of my head and out there for you to use.  Hope you find some value.

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