Rough-Framed Stairs - 01

Rough-Framed Stairs - 01


This week’s focus will be on CODE.

'Para-STAIRS': a thorough understanding of the process and considerations for building a straight-run set of stairs beyond the minimum standard method.

I’m going to use terms and methods that may or may not be common to your specific region but I’ll include as many pictures as I can along the way to help explain.  (I’m a big supporter of imagery in conveying information over abstract words alone.)

This first post will be pretty light on input from me but requires you to do some homework.  It is paramount that we all agree to some common standards.  These are spelled out in applicable building codes.  

I would like for you to study:

1) The IRC/IBC codes for stairs        

(click on the images below)

and also 

2) The Stairway Manufacturers’ Association.  

Their website is here   —-> 

They have created an Interpretation of IRC 2006 as a PDF you can download here  —->  PDF Guide 

or you can click on the image below.

Enjoy your reading assignment, you are beginning your journey to becoming a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in this endeavor.  See you next week for more.

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