Roof Framing / Truss Burn Test

Roof Framing / Truss Burn Test

Something to consider when deciding if you should go with trusses or a hand-cut roof system on your next project.  

I’m not trying to scare anyone.  

This is just an apples to apples burn test that shows a roof collapse in a fire will happen much sooner with trussses than a stick-framed roof.  

The reason is that trusses are 2x4s and they are held together with stamped plates.  The stick-framed roof is comprised of the smallest rafter components, 2x6s and they are face and back nailed to 2x6 joists.  The additional wood thickness provides  a longer burn-through time.  Many stick-framed roof systems use larger wood components than 2x6 and that would greatly increase the structural survival time of a burning roof scenario.  Trusses and almost entirely 2x4 unless special ordered for a span lor load requirement.

This is becoming a more serious issue for firefighters who may need to enter your residence to perform a rescue.  

If you are choosing to use trusses, ask your builder to discuss attic fire supression systems in your new home.

Check out this YouTube Link:


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