I've been swamped with work and I apologize for neglecting my blog. Rather than jumping back into the stairs commentary, I would like to quickly share my thoughts on Evernote.

I have finally come to a point where Evernote has become a valuable business tool for me.

Using Evernote

I have struggled for about a year trying to figure out what the magic is with Evernote. Most of the technology blogs I follow have articles written by people who rave about Evernote.  Well, I finally found that it took real-world organizational challenges in order for me to "figure out" how to best use Evernote. 

I will just jump right in and tell you how I use Evernote.

When I meet with a builder or client on their lot or future jobsite, I already have an Evernote notebook created.  I use YY-SERIES-PROJECT for my numbering scheme. For example, the first customer ID this year is 15-100-01. 

15-100 is the Client ID and 01 is the first project for that client. 

In Evernote, I’m able to take pictures of the business cards we exchange, the physical property, and to verbally dictate any of the specifics as we discuss their project. As time goes on I’m also able to add or strikethrough information to keep the notebook and the notes within it accurate. I add PDFs of specific items and anything that I would have normally had in a folder or binder if I carried paper.  In my particular case, I then share these notebooks with the designated project managers who will be overseeing the projects. 

Here is my “Template Note” that is the first note I create in a Notebook.  (I wish I could have subordinate notebooks…that would be perfect.)

Just the other day I was on my way to the bank and I received a telephone call from a builder who needed to have PDF copies of site plans for two different projects. I told him that I had shared that information with his project manager and he has direct access to those documents for him on his iPad using the Evernote app.  What would have been a minor hoop jumping event for me…..was a painless 20 second phone call.  And to make sure, I pulled over and within 30 more seconds, I had emailed the digital site plans from Evernote to that builder.

I keep each page of a drawing set as a single PDF as well as a combined PDF set in each respective Evernote notebook.  I have found that it can be very useful to be able to have quick access to send part of or the entire file to someone at times when you are not near a computer.

Here is the file structure.

(I also use Copy, Box, Dropbox and iCloud for cloud back up and two external HDs and Apple Time Machine for local back up, but that’s a whole other topic)

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