I found a solution to the problem I was having with SHX fonts appearing as a second layer on the PDFs I was printing.

So, SHX fonts are older I guess, and people are transitioning to TrueType Fonts (TTF).  

Well, in AutoCAD 2016, a new feature was to export text written using SHX fonts, like SIMPLEX, as comments when printed to PDF.  

This creates a second set of text being placed over the original text on a separate layer…often at a different size so it made reading either text a bit mashed up.

This issue has been resolved with Service Pack 1.

AutoCAD 2016 Service Pack 1

Once installed do the following in Autocad in an open file:

In the command line type EPDFSHX 

Press Enter/Return

Type the number zero (0)

Press Enter/Return

This will disable the function that exports SHX fonts as comments when printing to PDF.  I just tried it to verify.

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