2D / 3D

2-Dimensional / 3-Dimensional

Drafting is simply information presented in a graphical manner.  Most people find images to be better at conveying information efficiently than just words alone.  Consider the Egyptian empire.  For over 3000 years they flourished and they used images as a written language - evolving cuneiform into hieroglyphics.  They had pictures that meant ideas and those images never lost their meaning for over 3000 years.


Above image found on this website.

Today, we also rely heavily on images to convey information, bring understanding and provide accuracy to the tasks we face.

With the rapid increase in computing power and accesibility, the world of creating images that are 3-dimensional is now the industry standard.

Just a few years ago, asking a designer to physically draw multiple views in ‘3-D’ was extremely time consuming, they weren't easily modified, and they were not necessarily an exact final product.

All that has changed.  Now people who need detailed information in an image based format, have tools and the capability to build ‘virtually’ way before they ever have to leave their office.  It’s this kind of advancement that gives the builders of our future the ability to explore much more complex and incredible designs and determine all the aspects of making it successfully, without the expense and time of doing it in real-time.  

2-D drawings are going to be with us as long as we use ‘2-D’ paper plans.  2-D is the industry-standard in design documentation and isn’t going anywhere.  Para-CAD’s experience in structural framing has greatly enhanced our 2-D document creation because we draw everything exactly like it is built.

3-D is here and people are always finding ways to further utilize it for success.  As we become more technology integrated, we will see 3-D showing up more.  We might see ruggedized tablets as the center piece of any jobsite, where up-to-date construction information would be accessible by all on site.  Who knows, I’m sure I’d find an accurate 3D hologram useful for some things.

And that’s all for today from Kitsap county.


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