Some words from Mike:

I’d like to provide you with superior and highly specialized CAD services.

I’m a former framing contractor with over 20 years experience and I primarily used AutoCAD during that time to create precise production and shop drawings of all the complex items on my projects.  This served me well, as my on-the-jobsite time ‘figuring things out’ was greatly reduced and any mistakes became an extremely rare event.  I’ve recently decided to offer my level of exacting experience to builders, architects, engineers and home owners with precision drafting services. 

Today, I use a combination of 2D and 3D applications to create drawings with “real world” accuracy.  This means that my drawings can help make your projects run more efficiently.  In addition to providing the standard construction set of drawings for bid, I provide solutions to the complex details in wood-framed construction. I’m also an expert in hand-cut roof systems.  Therefore, I can provide completely dimensioned roof cut-sheets, as part of your construction set, so that you can tackle more challenging projects with greater ease.  

Whether you need me at your firm or as an off-site option, I operate completely transparent.  By using your logos and title blocks, your projects remain completely yours with no reference to me or my business.  My desire is to augment your business, not to compete with you.  As paralegals are to lawyers, I wish to be that kind of technical support.

In summary, para-CAD provides documents that are drawn as they will be built. From new home builds, additions and remodels, to anything requiring a technical set of drawings, I invite you to take a look around our website and see if para-CAD can be of service to you.  I am confident that our services will be a valuable asset to you and your upcoming projects.



Doing CAD at 'production-level’ detail!  

So what does that really mean? 

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I've  spent years building wood structures of all sizes and types across America and western Canada. 

I found that I became more efficient (faster and less time wasted on the jobsite) when I started to draw our own production-level drawings based on the provided project plans and engineering documents.

Rather than spending time on the jobsite figuring out how something is to be built, I would use less-expensive time off-site to create exact cut-sheets and production drawings.  

With this method, the men were kept busy doing productive work while on-site, instead of waiting for the lead carpenter to figure things out.

When things are drawn to the exact sizes of the materials used, and then shown assembled as they are in standard industry practices, the original drawings can become much more useful, making the project more successful.  

For example, a typical plan may specify a wall that is 9’ tall.  In reality that wall, using precut studs, is actually 9’-1 ⅛”.  Then the plan will callout a 12” floor system, but the TJIs spec’d are 11 ⅞ (plus ¾  subflooring).  Are you seeing the trend?  

Drafting everything to our level of precision will allow the plans to be used additionally as production cut sheets, greatly increasing speed and accuracy on the project.  

Sometimes just a few inches in plan design can make a big difference on the jobsite.  

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LVL Valley Rafter with Jack Rafter Ledgers

We bring this passion for design excellence to everything we do and provide drafting support to all aspects of the construction industry.  

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