Para-CAD is a full service professional drafting business that sets itself apart from other drafting services by creating documents that are drawn to 'production-level' detail.  In addition to typical drafting services, we provide a more in-depth capability to create production drawings from over two decades of working in the wood-framed construction industry.

"We do computer-aided design at 'production-level' detail."

Our process can directly benefit a project’s bottom line by reducing completion time and can eliminate costly design errors by on-site personnel having to “figure these things out” as they go.  

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BUILDERS:  Builders and framers can see bottomline benefits from using us to maximize their construction documents.  We create 'build-able' documentation that will make you faster and reduce or eliminate flaws that typically go unnoticed until they manifest.  

ARCHITECTS:  We support architects and their firms by providing exceptional drafting services without the need to hire additional employees.  We perform the precision drafting of your designs so you are freed up to focus more on your customers and upcoming projects. 

ENGINEERS:  Our service is also valuable for structural engineers, who can leave the drafting to us while they focus on the structural designs and complex calculations to ensure a safe and strong structural solution.  You scribble a sketch and the text you need, we rapidly turn around a precision drawing for you.

HOME OWNERS:  Para-CAD will  help you capture your ideas and dreams on paper.  

STUDENTS:  Do you need help learning AutoCAD?  We can help.

REALTORS:  Looking to have laser-accurate as-builts created for those large commercial rental or sale properties?  Para-CAD can do that for you.

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